01 Gårdstomten
02 The Harper And The Devil
03 Fear Of The Gods
04 Draugens Hämnd
05 Ghost Of The Sea
06 Midnattsfesten
07 Fejden På Vitterstråket
08 The Mountain Gnome
09 Night Sneaking

Dan Heikenberg & Linn Carlshaf
Cover Art: Michelle Helen Tolo
Digital Album



01 Land In Sight
02 The Plague Doctor
03 Sinmara
04 Scorching Eyes
05 Altaret
06 Take Us To Valhalla
07 Within These Walls
08 Sorgetid
09 Armies Of The North
10 Nidavallen
11 När Röken Skingrar Sig

Dan Heikenberg & Linn Carlshaf
Digital Album


När Solen Slocknar (re-recording)

01 Påskelden
02 När Solen Slocknar
03 Skugghöljda Hov
04 Vinterblot
05 Sorgbetyngda Stämmor
06 I Havsråets Famn
07 En Värld I Brand
08 Frostens Herre
09 Frid

Dan Heikenberg, Linn Carlshaf, Adam Nilsson, Robin Fors
Cover Art: Johan Aronson

Digital Album


- a Nattsmyg card game


Asheim Vanheim Godheim Helheim

The first who arrived from the sea, called it Asheim. They discovered a land with ancient cultures, unpredictable weather and forest-dwelling humans allied with strange creatures and spirits. At first everyone was cautious...

Years later, sparked by the death of an asheim jarl in a sudden windstorm, the coast dwelling warriors of Asheim make their revenging assaults over the frozen hills of Wintergrim, east through Stormshade on the spirits of Vanheim, a realm of strangely lush forests in an otherwise wintry mountain area. The time has come to seek control over the mountain dwelling creatures that seem to warm and cool the winds to the will of the spirits.

From the dark moors of Helheim, north of the wintry mountain range, abandoned and vengeful gods from the past find their way through the underworld, spreading sickness and sending demons in the night. The news of foul creatures and heathens defiling the land in the north has led crusaders to create a colony in the south, named Godheim, from which armoured priests and inquisitors slowly moves to cleanse the land.


Wintergrim is a turn-based strategic card game made for 2 or more players (it has mostly been tested with 2 players). Find new areas and paths, build structures, hire workers, warriors and leaders, and use tactics and weather to your advantage in several game modes.

Each player has his/her own deck of 50 cards, and atleast 1 dice. Decks are printed in pairs, and the first pair features Vanheim and Asheim, called: Spirits Of Summer & Wolves Of Winter.

Spirits Of Summer & Wolves Of Winter Buy it here
Luring Lights & Divine Defenses (future expansion) Not Available Yet
(future expansion)
(future expansion)

Watch a 20 min gameplay video: Asheim vs Vanheim.


Download and print the first two decks!

Watch a 14 min video of how to play Wintergrim - The card game. This shows the first turns of a game between Vanessa (Vanheim) against Asbjorn (Asheim).
If the video feels too rushed, read the text in the link below in your own pace.
Rules also comes with the game in the form of summarized rule cards, and the not-so-summarized manual to the right ->


Manual v1.0. in .pdf-format
Updated: 2017-10-15
These are the current rules. Check back for updates.
If you have a rule question, visit the forum.
Summarized rule cards are included with the decks.


This game with its rules is created by Dan Heikenberg.
Copyright © Dan Heikenberg 2017
The artwork is made by Michelle Helen Tolo and Johan Aronson.